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By P&M, May 4 2018 09:00AM

Love your leather! It's a natural product, it needs some attention, time and care. Here are our top tips for looking after your leather products:

1. Keep it Clean...

From time to time, damp a clean cloth or sponge in water and gently clean the surface of your item. Dry immediately and buff using a soft cloth free of dust.

2. Feed it a little...

Our leathers need little fuss, but regular and sparing use of a light furniture polish applied to a cloth keeps them supple and replaces oils lost with everyday use. In general, avoid anything very oily as this may darken the leather permanently. Always use a “scotch guard” product to add an extra layer of protection and add longevity.

3. Getting wet...

Avoid getting the leather wet if at all possible, but if you do spill water or wine on your item, don’t panic, leather is pretty robust stuff. Wipe the item over with a damp sponge or cloth to help prevent tide marks, and allow to dry naturally away from a direct heat.

4. Ink...

Biro marks are the bane of every restauranteurs budget - table cloths, uniforms and of course leather menu covers. Training and pre-use protection are key but there are some items on the market that can remove stains. We provide details in all of our aftercare notes, specifically tailored to each project.

5. Storage

When not in use, it is best to store your hardbound items standing up and softbound products flat. From time to time reforming the curvature of the spine would be advisable. take some scrunched tissue and place inside to aid the leather back into place. Take care not to leave your items next to a window or other strong source of light or heat.

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