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We have an extentsive range of designs for leather wine list covers, Cocktail list menu covers and Bar menu covers - suitable for tweaking to meet with your project requirements.

We fully apprecaite that sometimes a refurbishment of a restaurant or hotel bar will also include brand new menu concepts from your interiors team;

that may also inlcude other items such bill presenters. leather menu covers, cocktail list holders and potentially leather coasters for the bar?


We are here to assist in the troubleshooting of initial bespoke wine list cover designs whilst offering, what we consider to be, the most suitable leather finishes and details for your project.


Our hand embossing allows us to truly represent the artisan side of our team. Working in "Gold, Silver, Clear & Coloured Foils" we can source small amounts of unusual hues to mirror the brand palette and deliver an elegant and considered article. Embossing tools are produced locally and can be cast in single batches at an affordable price.

Cocktail List Menu Covers. leather-wine-list-folder Leather Wine List Cover. Leather-Guest-Folder Guest Folder In Leather.

Leather Wine List Menu Covers